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Since its founding in 2019, MSTherapeutic has offered training, consultancy, clinical supervision and more for those in the field of wellbeing in education. 

As director (and relevantly, ex-teacher) I continue as an in-practice Lead Clinician and Head of Service in schools.

More recently, MSTherapeutic has expanded its work and its team, learn more by visiting our About Us page.

Fundamentally, our philosophy considers emotional wellbeing foundational to thriving in all aspects of life, especially for learners within education settings. Therefore, wellbeing is the plinth on which education should rest; it's our passion to spread that word. 

Do reach out via the contact page to offer any feedback or with an enquiry.


And don’t forget to check out our vibrant blog!

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What Clients Say

"(MSTherapeutic training) Absolutely exceeded them (expectations)- really practical ideas about how to implement good practice."
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