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Building confidence for school staff around therapeutic themes can contribute to the essence of my approach, which pays attention to making whole school cultural shifts towards an expanding wellbeing-driven ethos. As part of this package, I deliver training on such themes as:


  • Expanding, enriching and embeding therapeutic services in your school

  • Bereavement and Loss

  • Supporting young people through loss

  • Attachment and its implications in schools

  • Self-harm and suicide

  • Behaviour as communication

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences and schools

  • Rebuilding relationships post-pandemic

...and many more. 


Pastoral and behaviour teams:

I run programmes of training for pastoral and behavioural support teams who are ideally placed to apply the notion of behaviour as communication and thus can valuably mentor young people who struggle in school. 


Peer Mentor training

Have you considered the training of older students as part of a peer mentoring programme? This is another way to instil emotional health as a priority school-wide, with the principles of wellness, empathy and support cascading through the year-groups. 

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