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At Melanie Stephenson Therapeutic Consulting Limited, we offer consultancy services to a breadth of organisations who value wellbeing as central to their ethos.

We often work closely with schools, alternative provisions and trusts, or wider local authority or social work services to help enhance their wellbeing focus, support with system-building, recruitment, policy writing or their approaches to nurturing staff. 


Most specialist of all is our wellbeing in education consultancy:

We believe wholeheartedly that emotional unrest can inhibit the fundamental educative task of a school. Our founder's background as a teacher for over a decade as well as experience managing alternative provision for students with social, emotional and mental health challenges, has provided valuable insight in to the inner workings of a school or AP environment


That systemic knowledge has made it possible to craft a model of support that can be woven into the fabric of an education setting, placing wellbeing as a foundational plinth upon which all aspects of learning can rest. 

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